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After making it through the hectic season, organisations can quickly shrink the development team to internal personnel only. The offshore software development process is usually managed by an onshore project manager. This ensures that the project is completed according to the client’s specifications.

software development offshoring

Offshoring is able to yield significant profits to your company when you outsource to the countries where the companies work with more advanced technologies. To know the exact budget needed to invest in building an offshore software team, please see our article . Also, we’ve illustrated our success as a leading software outsourcing company in Eastern Europe and how we’ve helped various startups. To prevent the outsourced developers from veering off target, it’s important to hold periodic checkins where progress reports are communicated to the client.

Reasons to Outsource Development to Latin America

Most offshore developers live in a country where the cost of living is lower than the U.S., so they can work for lower rates than most developers in America and Western Europe. However, it can be hard to establish benefits of offshore software development efficient communications among team members located in different time zones. Software design and development is complicated and often requires nuanced communication to bring your company’s vision to life.

software development offshoring

We must therefore identify all the advantages and disadvantages of offshore development. Since the 1960s and the early days of the Silicon Valley, technology pioneers developed offshoring centers in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. In 1996, General Electric offshored its IT for the first time when it opened its own center in India.

The Benefits of Offshoring Software Development

Also, consider performing competitor research to gain valuable insights about the tech stack and best value propositions. After that, we recommend creating a detailed specification of the project requirements and research the outsourcing models available based on your requirements. That is why some companies may find themselves way behind in the game. If you are facing decreased quality and are working with legacy software, it’s high time to bring new expertise to the table. So, it is recommended that you implement a multi-role user hierarchy with varying permissions to ensure productive collaboration with your external teams.

software development offshoring

If they’ve delivered for their clients in the past, they can deliver for you. Working with an outsource partner within the same time zone can offer more opportunities for real-time collaboration since the time difference is never that big. Companies that outsource some or all of a development project will have an easier time scaling or reducing outsourced support when circumstances call for it.

What Is Offshore Software Development and Why Is It Important?

F) Prepare a detailed specification of project requirements and quality standards. These achievements speak volumes of how we focus on business value, user needs, not only on sophisticated code. Back-end processing – For apps like DoorDash, most of the processing happens at the backend. Building a backend engine doesn’t come cheap even if you’re offshoring. Given the proximity to US startups, it isn’t surprising for South American countries to emerge as an offshoring powerhouse. Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico are driving the IT outsourcing industry in the region.

software development offshoring

So, what’s the best country to turn to when you need an outsourced software development company? Given the global demand for IT expertise, many countries across the world are vying for a spot in the preferred outsourcing destination list. When you offshore software developers in a country with a lower cost of living, you enjoy the immediate benefit of lower development costs without compromising on quality. Talent crunch in developed Western nations has triggered a hunt for offshore software development companies in talent-rich, cost-efficient countries. However, you’ll need to be aware of the pros and cons of such an arrangement before contracting an offshore IT development agency. The offshore IT development sphere offers businesses a range of opportunities, according to which they are able to save their efforts, time, and money.

Benefits of Offshore Development

And again, the demand for offshore software development is expected to grow in the coming years. According to ManpowerGroup, 69% of US companies are facing difficulties in hiring skilled talents in 2019, with IT professionals being one of the hardest to hire. UK’s employers are also facing the same problems, with 67% of tech leaders agreeing that tech talent shortage is disrupting momentum. The offshore software development model is attractive for a lot of companies due to its set of undeniable advantages. But it also has a bunch of hidden hazards, and you should know them in order to easily obtain a product that will satisfy your company’s business needs. We’ll name the most common of such challenges to help you understand how to offshore software development with fewer problems.

  • Our approach assumes you will assign tasks and manage the software development process as you see fit.
  • Apart from resource management, outsourcing has clear financial advantages as well.
  • Additionally, an external person or team can help improve your business processes and let you leverage creativity and innovation at each stage of the software cycle.
  • Whichever it is, they can turn to reliable and trusted offshore software development vendors like the IDAP Group to help them build just the solution they need.

All this to say that hiring offshore developers mitigates much of your financial risk. You can hire a dedicated software team from India, Eastern Europe, or Latin America for two to three times less money than a U.S. team. With all the savings, you can direct funds to your most critical issue — creating a minimum viable product or completing a huge software development project for your organization. Relocating an offshore software development team is a popular business practice. If you wonder how to bring your offshore software development in-house, there is such a practice among some outsourcing vendors.

Determine the extent of your tech involvement

So here is everything you need to know about hiring offshore software developers. Ultimately, it is a great approach for lowering delivery time and cost. The model works great for startups and for established firms without a technical team. Cleveroad is a professional offshore software development outsourcing company from Estonia.

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